Autumns Eyes Chats About Upcoming EP

As we near the release date, Dan got in touch with Metalunderground to chat about “Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets,” along with a nerdly talk about upcoming epic movies, anthology horror flicks, and movie scores.
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Autumns Eyes Interview With MetalUnderground.com

MetalUnderground.com interviews the Halloween headbanger behind solo metal band Autumns Eyes, where we get a personal insight on the loss of Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele and the impact he had on heavy metal.

Ultimate Metal

The ever so vast, atmospherically enthralling solo act Autumns Eyes has been thriving under the sole watch of Dan Mitchell for the past decade. Anyone familiar with the project is aware of the unique electrically charged tone underlying its entire discography while musically extending over a large array of genres. I decided to dive into the mind of this project with his new release approaching us.
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Head Case Radio (Audio)

Autumns Eyes Head Case Radio Interview

Injecting My Veins

I kept Autumns Eyes as a solo project mainly so I didn’t have to deal with other band members egos. It gave me more control of the overall sound of the project, and where it would progress.
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MetalUnderground.com Interview

New England one man band Autumns Eyes has recently started offering five albums for free download in celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary. The project also recently shot a music video for the song “Feast of the Dead” in a classic slasher movie style. Autumns Eyes mastermind Dan spoke with me about the band’s recent activity and his take on the horror movie genre.
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The Metal Crypt

The reception for Please Deceive Me has been overall a quite positive response, and has opened up doors for fans both old and new. I wanted to provide an album that was different from what people have been hearing today in the metal community, and judging by the responses it’s gotten I’d say mission accomplished.
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