Musical Inspiration:

Danny Elfman, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Soilwork, In Flames, Moonspell, Arcturus, Cradle of Filth, Enya, Robert Miles, Enigma, Al Dimeola, Dimmu Borgir, Phil Collins, Genesis, At the Gates, Opeth, Anathema, Bathory, My Dying Bride, The Jesus Lizard, Queens of the Stone Age, Graeme Revell, Led Zepplen, The Doors, Faith No More, Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses, Mr. Bungle, Harry Conick Jr, Helmet, Fear Factory, Tom Waits, Joe Satriani, Pantera, Prodigy, Mastodon, Sepultura, Michael McDonald, Incubus, Nevermore, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Phish, Van Halen, Weezer, Megadeth, King Diamond, Primus, Paul Gilbert, 311, Dr Dre, WuTangWhite Stripes, Yes, Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Vai, Snapcase, Tori Amos, Nile, Mayhem, Meshuggah, Goblin

Favorite Films:

The Crow, Interview With the Vampire, The Virgin Suicides, Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elmstreet, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Batman Returns, The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Albums:

Type O Negative October Rust
Mr. Bungle
In Flames The Jester Race
Dream Theater Scenes From a Memory
Faith No More The Real Thing
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast