This is a collection of videos submitted by Autumns Eyes fans from all across the globe. Feel free to upload your own video and share it with Autumns Eyes by sending a link via the contact page here.

Fan Shout Out

A video shout out from an Autumns Eyes fan on YouTube.

Back to the Clouds Dino-Metal

Check out this creative use of an old ass movie set to Autumns Eyes music, resulting in a new genre called Dino-Metal.

Epic Fu Halloween Show

Back in 2008 Autumns Eyes was featured on an internet show called “Epic Fu” which spotlighted the music video for “Feast of the Dead“.

Shallow Hole Belly Dance

A fan submitted belly dance video set to the track “Shallow Hole” from the album “Abandoned Expression“.

Kandy Kash Strip Tease (NSFW)

Adult star Kandy Kash teases the camera with a mellow side of Autumns Eyes providing the soundtrack.

Halloween Tease (NSFW)

Originally submitted for an ass shaking contest with a unique soundtrack in comparison to the typical hip-hop inspired videos of the same breed.

Graveyard Tease (NSFW)

Autumns Eves model Rayne gives us an up close look at the lovely cemeteries of Canada.

Red Light Strip Tease (NSFW)

Another video from Autumns Eves model Rayne where we get an intimate look at the effects of red lights in the bedroom.

Bedroom Strip Tease (NSFW)

Rumor has it that Autumns Eyes music may or may not influence one to remove their clothing. While this cannot be scientifically proven, videos like this keep the rumor alive.

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