Take a closer look at what Autumns Eyes is up to behind the scenes in this collection of candid videos covering everything from public appearances to recording studio sessions.

Testing Out A# Tuning On the Acoustic

Testing out lower tunings for preproduction on the next album from solo metal band Autumns Eyes.

Feast of the Dead Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes in the woods of Connecticut where the first music video for one man metal band Autumns Eyes was created.

In the Recording Studio

A rare behind the scenes look into the recording process with one man metal band Autumns Eyes 2012 full length release titled “Please Deceive Me“.

Soundtrack To a Night In New England

A short video which shows why I love living in New England especially around this time of year. Its a sound I grew up with that continues to inspire my work with Autumns Eyes music.

Autumns Eyes YouTube Channel Trailer

Trailer for the official Autumns Eyes YouTube Channel where you will find featured music from the one man metal band along with a variety of videos covering everything Heavy Metal, Halloween, and Horror Movie related.

Halloween Costume Contest Entries

Check out some of the past entries from the 2010 and 2011 Autumns Eyes Halloween Costume Contest.

Morph Wiz iPad App

I never thought the day would come when Id be using a device like the iPad as a musical instrument.

Zombie Vanity 2003 Rough Demo

This clip is a rare look at the demo process where you hear an instrumental version of the track “Zombie Vanity”, which features multi-layered guitar parts and some fairly abrasive drum loops.

Tracking Acoustic Guitar

The upcoming EP from solo metal band Autumns Eyes features a fair amount of acoustic guitars, and here we get to see a sneak peek of an overdubbing session for the new album. For all you gear heads out there, the acoustics for this album were recorded in a somewhat non-traditional fashion utilizing a Shure SM57 microphone, rather than the standard condenser microphones used on the majority of acoustic recordings.

Demented Circus Keyboards

Finding that “mad clown” sound while tracking keyboards for the new Autumns Eyes EP due out in 2063.

Rock and Shock 2011

Highlights from the final day at the Autumns Eyes booth.

Interview With MetalUnderground.com

MetalUnderground.com presents an interview with Dan Mitchell, founder of the solo heavy metal band Autumns Eyes.

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