Leading a new season in music, Daniel Mitchell runs a cutting edge solo metal project named Autumns Eyes. A deep combination of heavy music and unique sound effects with an abundance of creativity similar to the great film composer Danny Elfman. Such bands as Dream TheaterType O Negative, and In Flames, join the ranks of inspiration that infuse what has become a unique approach to heavy music.

Daniel began his journey into sonic therapy in 1999 while recording instrumental songs on a four track recorder. He produced each track by performing drum, bass, keyboard, and guitar parts all on his own, with an instinctive style that would plant the seed for all Autumns Eyes music to come. After a 2001 move to Boston, the first full length album titled “Remember the Victim” was recorded. The album featured a unique song structure which stood out to listeners as a nonlinear and atmospheric form of heavy music.

With six albums recorded, Autumns Eyes released a four song EP in 2008 titled “Surrender the Fire” which received praise from critics around the world, and began attracting new fans throughout the genre. “Surrender the Fire” also spawned the bands first music video for “Feast of the Dead“. The low budget slasher video was shot deep in the woods of New England, and was spotlighted by MTVs Headbangers Ball on its Halloween release. Feast of the Dead soon became a Halloween favorite amongst metal fans, and further cemented Mitchell’s place as a true representative of the hallowed holiday.

In 2011 Daniel paid tribute to his musical idol, Peter Steele of Type O Negative fame, who passed away one year prior. The Autumns Eyes front man collaborated with leading metal news site MetalUnderground.com to release “All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele” which featured twelve cover songs of both Type O Negative and Carnivore material performed by various metal bands. To this day, the Autumns Eyes cover of “Love You to Death” remains a fan favorite. The cover song even garnered attention from a German metal band named Child of Caesar, who in 2014 hired Mitchell to perform lead vocals on their debut album.

Following injury related setbacks, the long awaited full length album “Please Deceive Me” was released in 2012 to an audience of both old and new fans who embraced its individuality. It was clear by now that while each album possessed its own sonic characteristics, there was a unique identity which could easily be identified as Autumns Eyes music. Not wasting any time, Mitchell dove head first into another EP project in 2013 which focused on re-recordings of the original four track songs written over a decade ago. “Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets” marked the ninth album, and gave listeners a chance to hear what progress had been made since the bands inception.

With exciting new ideas on the horizon, the future of Autumns Eyes remains intact. Annual Halloween Costume Contests and a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign prove Autumns Eyes fan base is not only passionate in their support, but constantly growing as word continues to spread. Even the professional instrument market began to take notice, as legendary guitar company B.C. Rich supported Mitchell through an endorsement deal. Now focused and more passionate about music than ever, intense practice, and continued independent production, Autumns Eyes progresses towards a future of immeasurable creative potential.