Leading a new season in music, Daniel Mitchell runs a cutting edge solo metal project named Autumns Eyes. A deep combination of heavy metal, classic rock, and unique sound effects with an abundance of ultimate creativity and artistic direction similar to the great film composer Danny Elfman. Such bands as In Flames, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, and many other greats join the ranks of inspiration that make up what has become a unique approach to music.

Daniel began his music career in 1999 while playing guitar with an industrial metal band out of Connecticut, USA. After sharing the stage with such bands as Mindless Self Indulgence, Apartment 26, and many other well known heavy acts, his talents were noticed by other prominent musicians who saw the band live. Two years after playing various shows around New England, the band dismantled and members went their separate ways. Following his departure from the band, Mitchell put together a collection of instrumental songs on a four track recorder. His decision to stay clear of another band, and move forward on his own, would plant the seed for all Autumns Eyes music to come. After a 2001 move to Boston, MA the first full length album titled “Remember the Victim” was recorded. The album features a unique song structure which stood out to listeners as a non repetitive atmospheric brand of heavy music.

With seven albums under his belt, Daniel recorded a five track EP titled “Surrender the Fire” in 2008. It received high praise from critics around the world, and began attracting new fans while gaining notoriety throughout the underground metal scene. “Surrender the Fire” spawned the first music video from Autumns Eyes for the track “Feast of the Dead“. The low budget slasher video was shot deep in the woods of New England, and on its Halloween release was spotlighted by Headbangers Ball. The video soon became a Halloween favorite amongst metal heads, and further cemented Mitchell’s place as a true representative of the Hallowed Holiday.

In 2011, Mitchell paid tribute to his musical idol, Peter Steele of Type O Negative fame, who passed away one year prior. The Autumns Eyes front man collaborated with leading metal news site MetalUnderground.com to release “All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele” which featured twelve cover songs of both Type O Negative and Carnivore material performed by various underground metal bands. One of the many stand out tracks was Autumns Eyes cover of the Type O Negative classic “Love You to Death”, which received praise from fans for its stylistic similarity to the original.

2011 also presented numerous setbacks caused by injury related surgeries that forced the release of Autumns Eyes latest album titled “Please Deceive Me” to be postponed. Despite being treated for severe injuries, Daniel was still able to make his first public appearance with Autumns Eyes at the annual Rock and Shock Horror Movie and Heavy Metal Convention in Worcester, MA.

With exciting new ideas on the horizon, the future of Autumns Eyes remains intact. Now focused and more passionate about music than ever, intense practice, more equipment, and continued independent production, Autumns Eyes progresses towards a future of immeasurable creative potential.