1 620x620 Please Deceive Me

Released: 2012

1. IchabodLyrics
2. Blood In the WoodsLyrics
3. Anxiety Spiders (Instrumental)
4. Please Deceive MeLyrics
5. So Close to ShadowLyrics
6. Pangea (Instrumental)
7. Cobwebs and CrossesLyrics
8. Red Wine and Resin (Instrumental)
9. Haunting Your DaughterLyrics
10. The Wooded RoadLyrics

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The long wait is finally over, so fans can get ready to inject a new dose of Danny Elfman-meets-symphonic metal directly into their ear drums and continue to be blown away by the ever evolving sound that is Autumns Eyes. – MetalUnderground.com

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