Released: 2008

1. Greedy Demon Parasites | [thkBC height=”500″ width=”500″ anchortext=”Lyrics” url=”http://www.autumnseyes.com/lyrics/greedydemonparasites.html” type=”inline”]
2. Empty Bliss | [thkBC height=”500″ width=”500″ anchortext=”Lyrics” url=”http://www.autumnseyes.com/lyrics/emptybliss.html” type=”inline”]
3. What’s Left of Flesh | [thkBC height=”500″ width=”500″ anchortext=”Lyrics” url=”http://www.autumnseyes.com/lyrics/whatsleftofflesh.html” type=”inline”]
4. Feast of the Dead | [thkBC height=”500″ width=”500″ anchortext=”Lyrics” url=”http://www.autumnseyes.com/lyrics/feastofthedead.html” type=”inline”]

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Surrender the Fire was recorded at Beneath the Woods Studio located in Connecticut, USA. The songs contain more speed and aggression than previous releases.

It’s a bit like if a base of industrial music ala Nine Inch Nails got the twisted fantasy make over by Elfman and Burton and then Dimmu Borgir picked up the score and decided to add in their own brand of metal. – MetalUnderground.com

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