Autumns Eyes needs your help as fans to spread the word to all your friends and enemies. This page will give you some creative ways to show your support for the band, and take Autumns Eyes to the next level!


Here are a couple banners you can grab and use on your own site or blog to help promote the Autumns Eyes website. Click a banner below to open a page which will let you share and embed the banner in various formats.





These are some of the most effective ways to spread the word about facebook.com/autumnseyes


You can follow Autumns Eyes @autumnseyes and also use some of these tactics to help spread the word…


Not only is StumbleUpon a great way to discover new websites out there, but its also a powerful tool to promote. If you download the StumbleUpon Toolbar for any of the top three web browsers, you can visit any Autumns Eyes related page and simply click the thumbs up or “like” button on the SU toolbar. Its that easy!

Pictures & Videos

A lot of fans love to use their creativity to their advantage by creating a photo, drawing, or even a video to show their support for Autumns Eyes. You can submit a photo directly on this site by visiting the “Show Us Your Pics” page, or even send an email to [email protected]. Same goes for creating a video, whether you want us to upload it on the Autumns Eyes YouTube Page or you want to host it yourself, just make sure to send us a shout and let us know where we can see it!

Word of Mouth

Plain and simply one of the best ways to help promote Autumns Eyes is just by telling everyone you know to check out the band. Whether its at school, at a show, in prison, at a funeral, or even on your deathbed. Whatever it may be, theres never a bad time to mention one of your favorite bands! Your support is extremely appreciated, and you as fans are what keeps Autumns Eyes blood flowing through the music community out there.