Occasionally bands will expect you to just dive right in and understand everything about them at a moments glance, but thats just simply not possible. So in the hopes of consolidating your journey into the Halloween inspired world of Autumns Eyes, this page was created to help soften the blow.

What the Fuck is Autumns Eyes?

A solo metal project done by a guy named Daniel Mitchell who resides deep in the woods of New England. Not only is he responsible for everything you hear, but also everything you see as he designs all the websites, merchandise, and album artwork.

What Kind of Music Is It?

Imagine if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman started a metal band.

What Bands Can You Compare Autumns Eyes To?

Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, In Flames, Moonspell, Danny Elfman, etc…

I Hate Metal. Will I Still Like Autumns Eyes?

There are many songs by Autumns Eyes which could easily be confused as weather channel music. So the sound is quite expansive beyond the “metal” category.

What Songs Should I Check Out First?

Here are a couple songs which give a taste of the diversity found in Autumns Eyes music.

Does Autumns Eyes Have Any Music Videos?

Of course! You can see tons of videos at the Autumns Eyes YouTube page. Most notably the fan favorite “Feast of the Dead” which marks the first video shot for Autumns Eyes.

What Is Autumns Eves?

Autumns Eves is a site dedicated to official Autumns Eyes merchandise, and the models who promote it. You can find everything from shirts for guys and ghouls to posters, and even a huge photo gallery of models.

Where Can I Buy Autumns Eyes Music?

You can purchase all Autumns Eyes music by visiting the music pages here or at www.autumnseves.com along with the Autumns Eyes Bandcamp Store.

How Can I Interact With Autumns Eyes?

You can easily get in touch with Dan and stay up to date on Autumns Eyes news here on the site, and also at Facebook and Twitter. There is also an area here on the site where you can interact by showing your Autumns Eyes inspired pics.

Does Autumns Eyes Play Live Shows?


How Can I Help Spread the Word?

Click here to check out some different ways you can help promote Autumns Eyes.