Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets was actually written back when I was seventeen years old and completely new to the songwriting process. I’d been a drummer all my life, and had more recently been experimenting at the time with guitar, bass, and piano.

As a birthday and Christmas were approaching, my parents knew that I was in search of a new drum set, but instead opted to get me a different kind of gift in the shape of a four track recorder. They thought it would be a better investment down the line if I knew how to record and capture my own creativity, but I was reluctant to accept this idea and barely touched the device for the first year owning it.

These five tracks became the stepping stones for Autumns Eyes, but over time they began to deteriorate as the only medium I had to preserve them was on audio tape. Finally after over a decade I decided to give these songs a proper home that will last an eternity. I re-recorded them just the way they were originally written, and preserved the same spark and energy that inspired me to start Autumns Eyes.

Branches Across the Blinds

The intro to this song is what started it all. Once I dusted off the four track recorder given as a gift one year earlier, I decided to learn how to use it and start writing songs. The guitar wasn’t too familiar at the time since Id only been playing for about a year, so I started off recording this basic riff on the acoustic and the rest poured out like a faucet. There were so many riffs inside my demented little head, I had no option but to let the creative juices flow.

Accepting Madness

Once I got the hang of writing on guitar, I changed directions towards a keyboard borrowed from a close friend. Since early on as a child I was always a fan of Danny Elfman’s malevolent scores on Tim Burton films. I used this inspiration to craft the deranged circus sounding riff that introduces the song.

Lucid Empathy

This track has been a personal favorite ever since Autumns Eyes started back in 1999. Living in my parents basement with no drivers license was a direct road into isolation. I spent a lot of time walking through the woods just soaking in the atmosphere, and one of my favorite things to do was sit outside at night listening to the crickets singing throughout an endless abyss of trees. I’ve since made that a staple of my song recordings, and incorporated those sounds into the sonic landscape of Autumns Eyes music.

Threat of My Extinction

While writing music for Autumns Eyes I was in a variety of bands here and there, one of which was an industrial metal band that showed a lot of potential towards possibly making a career in the music business. Working with other artists was always a challenge for me, mostly because the majority of them only sought out fame and fortune whereas I was more interested in simply making music. Threat of My Extinction was written in the midst of this industrial band taking off as an expression of my own fear towards becoming a puppet of the business, and losing the essence of what got me there in the first place.

Foreshadowed Misery

The final track on this album is one that reflected the pace of my life at the time. Some days felt extremely slow and horribly depressing, while other days went by so fast that I never had time to stop and soak everything in. It was a roller coaster of memories that were often out of control, but never out of reach.

As I mentioned earlier Im not in this for fame and fortune. When I face the inevitable green grave ahead, this music will hopefully live on long beyond my years as a sonic stamp that will contribute one more piece to the puzzle. Everything that goes into Autumns Eyes is everything I have to offer. It’s my pain, my pleasure, my grief, and my madness. A veritable time capsule that ensures some forms of life can exist even after death.


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