The guitar solo has become a staple in heavy music ever since musicians were making pacts with the devil. There was a short time in the early 2000’s where heavy bands felt the need to eradicate solo’s from their music all together, but you can never ignore their impact on the one genre they belong in more than any other. Heavy music is a haven for guitar solos, and these are five personal favorites which continue to inspire my own playing each and every time I pick up a guitar.


Jeff Loomis

Long ago my friends and I would shop lift cool looking albums in hopes of finding a new favorite band, this is how I discovered Nevermore. Two things happened since that time, I never shoplifted again, and I became addicted to Jeff Loomis solos.


Dimebag Darrel

Dimebag solos are like shooting fish in a barrel for any of these guitar solo lists, but his work on Floods was especially haunting to me, and stands out among the rest.

December Flower

Fredrik Johansson

Apparently there are a lot of people named Fredrik Johansson, but this one hails from the band Dimension Zero, and his guest solo on the In Flames song December Flower remains one of my all time favorite solos…EVER!

Fatal Tragedy

John Petrucci

This is one of those solos where my jaw proceeded to drop on the floor upon first listen, and has yet to return to its normal position years later. What can I say? The guy is other-fucking-worldly!

Metal Dog

Paul Gilbert

He’s on the very top of my list as far as technical perfection is concerned, and yes I rank him way above Mr Petrucci. His accuracy is tack sharp, and he’s one of those players you love to hate for his ability to make everything look so damn easy.

Its difficult to pinpoint just a few favorites out of so many guitar gods out there who inspire us all, but thats where you come in! Share your own picks in the comment section below, or head over to Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation going!

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