Its that time of year again, but that doesn’t mean your lust for blood and guts has to die with the last days of Fall. There are some great horror movies which capitalize on the Christmas season, and these are just a few of my favorites.

Black Christmas

Its often considered the best holiday themed horror movie of all time, and it features some extremely terrifying imagery that plays on such beloved Christmas themes which make it quite creepy.


Theres a ton of campy humor here, but its iconic characters are grounded in the horror realm thanks to its acclaimed director Joe Dante, who happens to know the genre very well.

Christmas Evil

Many of the holiday themed horror movies use a play on catchy holiday phrases, but few of them are actually worth watching. Despite its corny name, the movie is actually very entertaining, and guarantees your kids would never look at Santa the same.

Silent Night, Bloody Night

Yet another overused theme in horror is the house which used to be a mental institute, but since this was made in the seventies, those themes were not so over saturated at the time. Regardless, its a clever horror movie with some pretty entertaining scares.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Its a strong misconception by fans who think Tim Burton directed this holiday classic, but while Burton had a huge hand in its creation, the directing duties went to stop motion connoisseur Henry Selick.

While there are plenty of holiday horror movies to continue listing here, many of them are extremely corny yet easy to find, and make a good choice for a movie to play at a christmas party or holiday get-together. Keep the list going by sharing your own holiday horror picks in the comment section below!

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