They might try and fool you with all the whining or anti-religious complaining about how horrendous the holidays are, but many horror and metal fans love to receive gifts just like everyone else. These are a couple ideas to get you on the right track towards putting a smile on all those devious little cynics out there!

Nightmare on Elm Street Nike Sneakers

Not only will these shoes make your average Freddy fan happy, but they also feature festive Christmas colors with those trademark red and green stripes!

MEElectronics A151 Headphones

They are a well made, budget friendly alternative to those cheap headphones which typically come with mobile music devices, and perfect for those metal heads who like it loud.

Dancing Gizmo Plush Doll

Looking for a cute and cuddly gift for a horror fan? Grab one of these dancing Gizmo dolls from Gremlins, and dare people not to smile once he starts singing his trademark mogwai song.

B.C. Rich Warlock Guitar and Amp

Even if the recipient doesn’t know how to play guitar, at least they will look good with this unmistakably bad ass axe from B.C. Rich.

Masters of Horror Season Two Box Set

Satisfy their taste for the macabre with over twelve hours of gruesome horror from some of the greatest directors in the genre.

Mastodon Hunter Horn Stein

This is one of the most unique pieces of band merchandise you will ever find, and rest assure its probably the best way to enjoy your favorite beverage this holiday season.

Fangoria Magazine Subscription

Its the most iconic horror movie magazine that goes way back to the glory days of horror, and has since become a collectors item for many horror fans.

Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch

If you’re not schooled on the story of heavy metals godfather, let this documentary be a valuable treasure trove of history for every metal fan out there.

Never Sleep Alone Bed Set

This is the absolute perfect gift for fans of blood, guts, and everything gory. Having said that, its also one that might turn some heads when you have company over.

Metallica Monopoly

Even before the game starts, a group of metal heads together will be spending more time on which piece they want to be. Regardless, this is a fun way to pass the time while keeping with heavy metal themes.

Well, there you have ten gifts to get you started on shopping for your beloved heavy metal or horror movie fan. Got a gift idea of your own? Share it in the comment section below, or keep the list going on Twitter or Facebook!

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