Today is a great time for horror in television with shows like The Walking Dead and True Blood dominating the air waves, but Im not a fan of either. Ive seen too many zombie movies to know the outcome of The Walking Dead, and I don’t have the patience for a slow paced Vampire drama. Having said that, there are a few shows in the horror department which I highly recommend for those looking to fill that hole in your black little hearts.


At first this show was extremely hard for me to swallow as my first impression was tainted by the casting of what seemed to be just another Buffy type teen drama, but the story drew me in over time and soon became one of my favorite shows. As the seasons progress, the two main characters run into a monster of the week type format while maintaining larger plot points that blanket the entire series. The show is also a treasure trove of horror history paying tribute to older films, soundtracks, monsters, makeup, and even haunted stories of our culture.

Tales From the Darkside

This is one of the most highly underrated shows in television horror history, and its widely shrugged off for its campy effects and overall cheesy appearance, but those are all elements which add to its greatness if you ask me. Unlike many horror shows of the eighties, TFTD takes itself seriously, and sticks to its stories. While some episodes do feature outlandish makeup and set design, the show never relies on those to get by. Its all about story telling here, and if you can get past the campy surface, you’re in for a very enjoyable series.

Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone will always have its place in history with an indomitable reign over horror and science fiction television for all time. It set the ground work for all things to come in the genre, and even provided a blueprint for many horror movies we know and love today. It even spawned a highly disturbing film of the same name, featuring one of the most parodies plane scenes in popular culture.

Masters of Horror

This show was like a gift from the bowls of horror hell, and its basically a showcase of shock from the most prolific names in horror movie history. Almost every legendary horror director you can imagine has taken a swing at the MOH series, and each episode is just as brilliantly crafted as the next. They may be considered a short film due to having only an hour long format, but there is no shortage of both story and visual appeal here by any means.

Tales From the Crypt

As for shows that didn’t take themselves too seriously, Tales From the Crypt takes the cake. It was outlandish and absurd, but also thoroughly brilliant for all its charmingly cheap qualities. Furthermore, it made an undeniable celebrity out of a demented demon puppet named The Crypt Keeper. The show was also home to one of my favorite composers of all time, with Danny Elfman providing the deviously macabre theme song.

Im sure many of you will agree and disagree on my top five favorite horror shows here, but thats what discussion is for! Make sure to leave your own recommendations in the comment section below, or even keep the conversation going on Twitter and Facebook.

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