Recently we covered the best albums for Halloween, but with the recent snowfall here in New England, one can only be reminded of metal albums that match the bitter depressing cold of old man winter. It might be weeks away, but theres no reason why we can’t get our playlists ready for this years frigid holiday season.


Aspera Hiems Symfonia

The album title is latin for “harsh winter’s symphony”, and its cold sounding production couldn’t be more suitable for influencing such frozen feelings of doom and gloom.

Celtic Frost


There are plenty of entries from Celtic Frost that could make this list, but Monotheist is my own personal choice thanks to its horribly depressing drones that remind me of a lonely snow fall.

Diabolical Masquerade


One of my own personal favorite influences over the years has always been the solo work of Katatonia guitarist, Anders Nyström. His music on Nightwork is an absolute masterpiece with an often sought after black metal guitar sound that compliments such frost bitten works of art.

Dimmu Borgir

For All Tid

Love em’ or hate em’ you can’t deny their impact on heavy metal, and this album captures the essence of these Norwegians and their snow covered landscapes with exquisite malevolence.

Wolves in the Throne Room

Diadem of 12 Stars

Its one of those albums that immediately transports you into a harsh atmosphere upon the first few seconds of listening, and never fails to inspire a chill through your bones every time you hear it.

So there you have five albums that I find suitable for the upcoming months, that is of course unless you live in a place like Hawaii, in which case you can go to hell for not having to shovel fifty feet of snow out of your driveway every damn week. All sarcasm aside, don’t forget to share your own suggestions for metal albums you love to hear every winter in the comment section below!

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