There are some who believe my house is cursed with all the insanity it attracts such as break-ins, theft, fatal accidents, and now yet another ground breaking storm that shut down everything Autumns Eyes related. Despite all of the negativity this place has endured, I remain optimistic, and will always shrug off such ridiculous claims with a smile. I can assure everyone that beyond your typical daily witchcraft and demonic sacrifice, this is just a normal house in a normal neighborhood. Im sure there’s no correlation between all the bats blood on the walls, and Indian graves this place was built over.

One thing that saddened me this Halloween was hearing about so many kids who were robbed of trick or treating this year, thanks to the violent Hurricane which destroyed neighborhoods across the eastern seaboard. Scattered trees and power lines littered the roads and prevented any amount of Halloween hijinks from taking place. Hopefully people still found a way to enjoy the holiday without putting anyone in too much danger, and if anything this will make next years Halloween even better!

While the Hurricane was a devastating force that rolled through the east coast like a steam roller, the area I live in didn’t get hit too hard, and we were one of the few who didn’t lose power. We did lose Internet though, which would explain the lack of activity on the Autumns Eyes website. Even as I write this update we are still without connection now for the fifth day in a row. Hopefully things get back to normal soon so I can pick the winners of this years Halloween Costume Contest.

On the music side of things, I had originally planned to release some new material this Halloween, but for obvious reasons that couldn’t happen. Nevertheless, the new album will be released once things get back to normal here. I hope all of you who were affected by the storm weren’t hit too hard, and my deepest sympathy goes out to those who had to suffer the more destructive side of it.

Feel free to share your own storm stories and how you spent your Halloween in the comments section below.

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  • Ben Matney

    I’m glad you didn’t get hit to hard by the hurricane. I remember last year when hurricane Irene came through. We lost all power and had to use candles and flashlights to see anything at night. Perhaps the most exciting memory I have of the storm was looking out the front window of our home and watching a giant oak tree fall down horizantaly to our neighbor’s house on the opposite side of our street; it was just a couple inches away from smashing into the roof. We had a few limbs land on our place, but nothing major. It took us a few weeks to get everything cleaned up though. I didn’t do much for Halloween this year. We’ve never gotten many trick r treaters in out neighborhood (perhaps this is due to everyone being paronoid about finding a razor blade in their child’s apple or something like that. Or, it could be that the parents are simpily to lazy to take their kids trick r treating, opting instead to just send them to a church program of some sort to get their annual fill of candy and picking them up an hour or so later.) That being said, we did see a few more kids come by our door for candy than in previous years. I spent my evening passing out candy and watching Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow” with my family.

    • http://www.autumnseyes.com/ Dan Mitchell

      Good choice on Sleepy Hollow! There needs to be more families to make films like that a tradition on Halloween.