So we’ve covered plenty of horror movie options for you to choose from this Halloween, but have yet to cover any music to provide a soundtrack for the spooky season. Whether you’re throwing a huge Halloween bash, or just need some background music whilst you hand out sweets, these are some great albums that are sure to satisfy even the most devilish of appetites.

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Back when this album was first released in 1970, it was one of the first times people truly felt Satan made his way into popular culture via this evil music coming out of their speakers.

Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack

Danny Elfman

As previously mentioned in the Top Ten Horror Movie Soundtracks list we covered here, the Sleepy Hollow soundtrack is an undeniable gem for setting a scary atmosphere no matter where you are.


The Prophecy

They were goth pioneers back in their day, and despite the overly cheesy hairstyles they actually created some very vampiric goth rock that still holds up today.

The Crow Soundtrack

Various Artists

Its one of the best soundtracks ever released, and features an absolutely amazing array of heavy bands ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Pantera.

Cradle of Filth

Cruelty and the Beast

I talk about this album a lot being as how its one of my favorite metal albums of all time, but its also perfect fuel for a Halloween party as it has all the elements of a good horror movie translated through extremely heavy goth metal.

Bloody Kisses

Type O Negative

They are pretty much ambassadors of the Halloween season, and there’s no better way to infuse sex and scares into the air than to blast some Type O Negative.

Sure these are some great selections to get you started on finding some good Halloween music, but the only way to keep this list going is to leave your own suggestions in the comments below!

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  • Janice

    Here are three album dark, gloomy and you may think that is dramatic when you heard it!
    can be background music but not for the party!
    Evoken- Antithesis of Light
    Aquilus- Griseus
    Ahab- The Hunt

    • http://www.autumnseyes.com/ Dan Mitchell

      Great picks! I hope everyone check them out to widen their musical palettes.

  • Ben Matney

    For the Autumn season, you can’t really go wrong with a little King Diamond or Mercyful Fate. Tiamat’s album “Amanethes” is a great album to build up the creepy October atmosphere. I also enjoy listening to Moonspell alot during the time surrounding Halloween. “Scorpian Flower” is a fantastic song to listen to on Halloween night, and the music video that goes along with it is really cool. (They have another song called “I’ll See You In My Dreams” that features a music video in which the band members fight off a horde of zombies while playing. Kicks ass!) And while I’m not much of a Marilyn Manson fan, his rendition of “Sweet Dreams” also fits the atmosphere perfectly. Plus, it’s featured in the awsome warewolf transformation scene in “Trick R’ Treat!” My final recommendation would be to check out “My Funeral” by the Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral, (How many metal bands can you name that use the word “funeral” in their name? There has to be at least 50 of them. The best in my opinion would be the Norwegian doom metal band Funeral. Their album “From These Wounds” is a musical masterpiece, but that’s another story.) “My Funeral” by Dark Funeral” is a great song with a brutal video to go along with it.