What better way to set the mood than playing some sweat inducing, hormone inspiring music to keep your blood pumping whilst devouring your partners pleasures. Here is a list of ten fuckable songs that are sure to set your sultry seduction on fire!

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Everyone has an animalistic side, and this song tends to bring out the animal in all of us. Especially while under the covers.

Air – The Word ‘Hurricane’

What I love most about this track is how it spends so much time building up to its inevitable climax.

Orgy – Blue Monday

Im not the biggest fan of this band, but this song is perfect for those intense moments when you’re both clawing each others backs.

The Doors – Back Door Man

Trying to break the ice when attempting something new in the bedroom? What better song than this to do all the talking for you!

Type O Negative – Be My Druidess

You could pretty much choose any Type O Negative song here, but this song speaks for itself once it gets to the line “Ill do anything, to make you cum”.

Faith No More – Evidence

This one is an obvious choice given the fact that the intro sounds very similar to a great porn soundtrack.

Guns ‘N’ Roses – My Michelle

This song works even better if you have a girlfriend by the same name, but probably not the best choice if the name belongs to your ex.

My Dying Bride – Like Gods of the Sun

A great choice if you’ve got a bit of goth in you, and want a very dark romantic song to embrace over. Take caution though, it may induce neck biting!

Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

Sometimes you and your partner get the urge to go absolutely fucking crazy and start pulling hair, spanking each other, and much more I won’t go into here.

Rammstein – Ich tu dir Weh

Much like Type O Negative, there are plenty of Rammstein songs that can easily qualify here. This one just happens to be a personal favorite.

Keep the list going and show us your own recommendations in the comments below!

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