The long awaited new album titled “Please Deceive Me” by solo metal band Autumns Eyes is on its way. To hold you over, check out this exclusive in depth album preview!


Horror Movies are huge inspiration towards what I do with Autumns Eyes, both sonically and visually. They inspire the darker side of creativity, and give people a newfound respect for blood and guts. Many of you have asked about what horror films inspire me, so without further adieu, here is my top ten list!


Im not sure where I picked up this tip a while back, but Im damn sure it works. If you’re ever feeling in a slump while trying to write a new song, the first instinct might be to listen to some of your favorite tracks for inspiration. Bad idea, well…depending on what kind of song…
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When I started recording Autumns Eyes music, the drums were a huge setback. Using a live drum kit and setting up to record it takes a lot of time, money, and experience. Living in the city and not having access to such equipment was certainly debilitating, but not something I couldn’t work around. The majority…
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Its no secret that Autumns Eyes is heavily inspired by horror movies, but how does one take inspiration from a horror movie and make that applicable in a sonic atmosphere? I get asked this question often by fans and friends alike, and I suppose it depends on the band. For me personally, its all about…
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