It always puzzles me when I hear a group of bands who all sound alike. Their drums were recorded the same, their guitars sound the same, and their screaming vocals are all stagnant. When it comes to creation, one would assume that making something your own would be the most ideal mentality. A song should…
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Its no secret that Danny Elfman is an enormous inspiration on Autumns Eyes music. Last nights Academy Awards featured a dizzying performance from Cirque Du Soleil, but more notably the performance was set to an amazing score composed by Elfman. Check out the video below to hear Elfman explore his signature sound at the 2012…
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Its always important never to take yourself too seriously, especially in this business. Peter Steele was a perfect example of how someone can be such a well respected person, who’s never too proud, too stubborn, or too arrogant. There are many brilliant people we can take inspiration from, he just happens to be one of…
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No producers. No yes men. No bull shit. Just riffs. Tons and tons of riffs. The first track off this 2003 release is a thirteen minute long guitar riff showcase which was all written and recorded on the spot.


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